Caballa Island Press

1st Caballa Fight Club

Wanna know who’s the best PVPer in LifeTO? Start preparing now and build your character. We will be hosting two different categories of tournaments…

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Content Creation Star

We are currently working on extended on reach via YouTube and Twitch. And for that, we need YOUR help! We are now looking for people…

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Be part of the team!

We want to thank the community for staying with us through thick and thin (referring to online player count). Special mention to…

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Events in the Island

Daily Diary Event (February)

We will be randomly picking a number for the rewards listed below on March 9, 2019. The Diary No. that matches it will get the prize. Each player…

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Daily Diary Winners (January)

Hola, Tricksters! Here are our winners for January 2019’s Daily Diary Event (raffled via random.org). Rewards will be distributed within the…

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O/X Quiz [2018-01-26]

For this particular O/X Event, we will be distributing “Double Rewards” (e.g. 4x GM Gift Certificates instead of the usual 2x & two different…

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Game Overview

Experience a completely unique Trickster Online with LifeTO!

Learn More about LifeTO

You’re about to experience the most balanced and fairest Trickster server that even the official server wasn’t able to provide. We promise non-pay-to-win gameplay.


Bring your whole guild with you

It’s more fun to play with your friends than alone, and we’ve come up with packages to give your group a little boost when you transfer to LifeTO. No one would want to start from zero, right? Why not start your journey with some gifts from us?


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Sunday Night Trickster
Sunday Night Trickster

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Soki Boss Hunting

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Tutankhamen Boss Hunting

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Sunday Night Trickster
Count Blood Boss Hunting

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