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Caballa Island Press

Summer Event 2018

Robin has been reunited to the mother of his son after many years. Now, he’d like to take his partner out of Caballa Island for a vacation.

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Patch Notes [2018-07-15]

Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended early at exactly 1 AM. Many thanks to the people who have reported the problems they’ve…

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O/X Quiz [2018-07-07]

Hello, Tricksters! We’ll be having our 5th O/X Quiz on July 7, 2018 at 7:00 p.m (EDT). Interested players may proceed to Event Garden…

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Game Overview

Experience a completely unique Trickster Online with LifeTO!

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You’re about to experience the most balanced and fairest Trickster server that even the official server wasn’t able to provide. We promise non-pay-to-win gameplay.


Bring your whole guild with you

It’s more fun to play with your friends than alone, and we’ve come up with packages to give your group a little boost when you transfer to LifeTO. No one would want to start from zero, right? Why not start your journey with some gifts from us?


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Sunday Night Trickster
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