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Game Interface & Controls

Learn the basic interface and controls of the game

1. Character Information

Character’s HP, MP, Level, EXP Status Bar, Galder (Currency), and Weight

2. Mini Map

Press the ‘M’ key to bring up the world map to see the entire map of Caballa Island.

3. Ring Menu

Right click on your character to bring up a ring of options.

4. Chatting Window

Click to toggle between All, Party, Whisper, and Guild chat modes.

5. Main Menu

Skill, Card, Item, Equipment, MyView (Profile), Quest, Party, Guild, Friend, and MyShop (Cash Shop)

6. Quick Slots

Drag your item to the quick slots window. Oncce registered, items can be used by pressing keys from F1 to F8. Press 1, 2, or 3 to bring up another set of quick slot windows.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function Key Function
M World Map F Friends
T Toggles Quick Slot H Open Chat Channels
1 ~ 3 Alternate Quick Slot Tab Whisper
F1 ~ F8 Use items in Quick Slot Q Quest
R Run / Walk V Character Profile
D Use Drill E Equipment Inventory
N Emote Window I Item Inventory
Y MyShop (Cash Shop) C Card Inventory
O Option S Skill / TM Level
P Party Enter Chat
` Pick up an item Alt Display item name
ESC Settings / Exit Page Down / Page Up Stand / Sit / Sleep

You’re about to experience the most balanced and fairest Trickster server that even the official server wasn’t able to provide. We promise a non-pay-to-win gameplay.