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Server Information

LifeTO is a free Trickster Online private server that focuses on the game’s original, classic play style. No overpowered cash items, no pay-to-win VIP features, no ugly custom items. We’re keeping it close to official to give you the best experience in Caballa Island. Here are our specs:

Server Rates Other Info
EXP Rates: 4x Season: 2 (Pre-Chaos Tower)
Quest EXP Rates: 4x Classes: All (except Polar Bear)
Monster Drop Rate: 4x Multiclient: Allowed
Drilling Rate: 2x Solo Boss Rooms: Enabled
Last Episode: 6 New 3rd Job Skills: Not supported

Season 2 Pre-Chaos Tower

We love the classic gameplay of Trickster, so LifeTO is keeping its episode to an earlier version of Season 2—the season without Altiverse Equipment and all players are busy hunting boss monsters, collecting cute fuses, and hanging out in the battlefield. Enjoy the nostalgic Trickster Online feeling!

Improved Level-up Boxes

Level Original Rewards Improved Rewards
15  Lotus Leaf Hat   Bubble Drill and  Lotus Leaf Hat
20  Megalo Pouch   Mr. Hauler and  Megalo Pouch
40  Snappy Sprint (7D)  Newbie Sprint (Permanent) and  Duo Doctor
60  2x 100k Galder Check  3x 100k Galder Check
80  30x First-Aid Pink Potions and  30x First-Aid Blue Potions 15x White Elixirs and  15x Black Elixirs
90 None     Head acc. per class type
100  Booster Bracer Ex  10x GM Gift Certificates
130  2x Resurrect Scrolls  1 Mil. Galder Check and  Face acc. per class type
140  Gallant Sprint (7D)  Final Sprint (Permanent)
160  5x Gift Factory Passes   30x Bonus Eggs
180  5x Tango Cabin Passes and  4x Booster Bracer Ex  40x GM Gift Cert. and  Enigma/Ultima Bracer SE
200  5x Spicy Island Passes   Nikarium
220 None   2x Adamantite and  2x Alexandrite
240 None   3x Master’s Authority
260 None   15x Star Card Pack No. 5
280 None   3x Adamantite and  3x Alexandrite
300 None   2x Nikarium
320 None   20x God’s Anvil
340 None   15x Star Card No. 108 EXP
360 None 20x Pink Elixir and  20x Amethyst Elixir
380 None  5x Adamantite and  5x Alexandrite
400 None      Great Trickster Cape and Ring
    Build Graph Reset and Point Back All

Read our New Tricksters’ Guide to learn more about the server’s features and customizations.

New Tricksters’ Guide

You’re about to experience the most balanced and fairest Trickster server that even the official server wasn’t able to provide. We promise a non-pay-to-win gameplay.