Making a Donation

LifeTO is much grateful to donors for helping keep the server fully operational. We’ll be giving you 1,000 Bals for every US$ 1 gift.

Ready to Donate?

Donations are purely voluntary. By donating, you’re authorizing the donation and agreeing that the amount is nonrefundable. To proceed, simply click the “Donate” button below and select your preferred method. We extremely appreciate our donors who help the community and this project stay alive.


Other Ways to Donate?

You may donate by creating commercial-quality videos on YouTube or by writing an article about the game and our community on your blog to generate organic traffic. You’ll receive MyShop Points as a token of thanks! We value all forms of support, whether it pays server bills or grow the population. Interested players may send their proposal to our team.

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Other Ways to Help?

Our site runs with ads, so we hope you’d exclude all LifeTO’s webpage and forum from any ad blocking plugin installed in your browser. Rest assured that the ads that will appear are safe for work and children. Sharing our server with your friends will also help a lot.